Algorithmic Art Posters for Sale, Signed By The Artist

Please email Sam at if you are interested in buying a poster.

All pieces are price on request.

Red Noise Mosiac (10in x 10in), 1999

City (12in x 12in), 2009

Hulls, Vessels, and Marine Designs, Signed By The Artist

Design #1138 - 3D Model (5in print on large paper)

Design #1138 - Proposal (36in x 48in blueprint)

Barnegat Bay 24 (5in print on large paper)

Blauhaus Cutter (48in x 36in blueprint)

Contingency (5in print on large paper)

605 The Woods
Cherry Hill, NJ

The Blauhaus, a pun on Bauhaus, the famous school of design, was the fine arts building at Penn c/a 1995. The home of motorcycles in the hallways, and not just one gunfight, it was a center of creativity and experimentalism, a home for radical artist/academics finding their voice amid the dubious commercialism and conservative politics of the university at the time.

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