Virtual Reality Bike Ride

Research (2015)

VR Bike is an arduino, unity game engine, oculus rift VR bike riding demo. Don the goggles, and ride around a pacific island in VR with cycle cadence driving the players speed through the game.

Additionally, a second game was developed with a skeet shooting paradigm, additional peddaling produces additional ammunition. Both games were playable and proved the concept for this type of exergame.

With the player controller fully developed, future work might center around replacing the custom hardware with an off the shelf sensor, and fleshing out better game art as budget allows.

See the fully documented project on github.

Sam Halperin

The Blauhaus, a pun on Bauhaus, the famous school of design, was the fine arts building at Penn c/a 1995. The home of motorcycles in the hallways, and not just one gunfight, it was a center of creativity and experimentalism, a home for radical artist/academics finding their voice amid the dubious commercialism and conservative politics of the university at the time.

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