Strength through Insight

Sidney Kimmell Cancer Center (2016)

The Strength Through Insight app allows patients and their caregivers to build a partnership for communication throughout their cancer treatment. The survey uses standard questions which can be answered digitally via an app at a set schedule. The survey allows easier and immediate sharing of a patient's perspective on their life, treatment, and illness to enable shared decision making. The Strength Through Insight study aims to assess the feasibility of collecting survey data from patients using digital technologies and hand held devices.

The digital survey mirrors the paper version however, leverages a smart phone for survey delivery and response collection. This allows the survey to be taken in the comfort of your own home, and at your leisure. Removing logistical barriers of traditional survey methods and response collection, Strength Through Insight may enable better compliance and more accurate reporting.

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I built the backend analytics for STI. This was represented by an Angular app that surfaced patient data, analyzed it, and in some cases presented a visualization.

The STI team was:

  • Dr. Adam Dicker, MD, PhD
  • Christine Tran, MS, CRRP
  • Nathan Vecchiarelli
  • Sam Halperin
  • Raul Staricco
  • James Fasoline
  • Shelly Suhling
Sam Halperin

The Blauhaus, a pun on Bauhaus, the famous school of design, was the fine arts building at Penn c/a 1995. The home of motorcycles in the hallways, and not just one gunfight, it was a center of creativity and experimentalism, a home for radical artist/academics finding their voice amid the dubious commercialism and conservative politics of the university at the time.

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