Being a very small development shop can be advantageous. We love what we do and are committed to making apps with integrity and heart.

להיות חנות פיתוח קטנה מאוד יכול להיות יתרון. אנחנו אוהבים את מה שאנחנו עושים מחויבים לעשות עסקים עם יושר הלב.

--Sam Halperin and Collaborators

Android Apps

Philly Bike Share Map

Who: Philadelphia bike share renters, tourists, commuters.

Why: When BikeShare launched, there was no native Android app for checking kiosk status.


Who: Smokers who want to quit.

Why: Meditation had helped me in the process of quitting smoking, and I wanted to do an experimental app.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Parking

Who: Riders of all stripes.

Why: This map was available in other media, but there was no native Android solution.

Moderne, A Browser for the Cooper Hewitt Design Collection

Who: Visitors to the museums, art history students, design buffs.

Why: The museum has a great API and was just waiting for someone to come along and turn it into an app.

Philly Crime Map

Who: Philly residents and crime data buffs.

Why: We wanted to see this data in a Native Android experience.


Who: Tree Nerds and municipalities wanting tree inventories.

Why: This app was built under the employ of Azavea.

VR Apps

An AR Tour of an IM Pei Interior

Who: Architects, Architecture Students, Interior Designers

Why:This app was particularly designed as a demo for architects wanting to put this kind of visualization in the Google Play Store

Virtual Reality Bike Ride | Research
A build-it-yourself cycling game controler for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Unity, includes plans, source code, and circuit diagrams.
Mapping on Oculus Rift | Research
A VR GIS visualization of a CDC obesity dataset.
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