An AR Tour of an IM Pei Interior

Who: Architects, Architecture Students, Interior Designers

Why:This app was particularly designed as a demo for architects wanting to put this kind of visualization in the Google Play Store

Awesome work.
I've been trying to do the same thing for my architecture thesis. Cool app and thanks for walking me through how you did it!

Moderne, A Browser for the Cooper Hewitt Design Collection

Who: Visitors to the museums, art history students, design buffs.

Why: The museum has a great API and was just waiting for someone to come along and turn it into an app.

We love it!
— Cooper Hewitt Museum via Twitter

Philly Bike Share Map

Who: Philadelphia bike share renters, tourists, commuters.

Why: When BikeShare launched, there was no native Android app for checking kiosk status.

Best Indego App We were waiting for this!
Good reliable app for the Indigo bike system.
great way to find bikes Very good.
Great app Best indego app in the android mkt so far.
605 The Woods
Cherry Hill, NJ

The Blauhaus, a pun on Bauhaus, the famous school of design, was the fine arts building at Penn c/a 1995. The home of motorcycles in the hallways, and not just one gunfight, it was a center of creativity and experimentalism, a home for radical artist/academics finding their voice amid the dubious commercialism and conservative politics of the university at the time.

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